Financing Education

Due to the passage of Title IX in the United States, universities must offer an equal number of scholarships for women and for men. Sports also provide a natural structure that grounds and disciplines student athletes. Student athletes benefit from college athletics departments that monitor athletes’ academic performance and ensure targeted academic support as needed.

Newlands owner Rochelle M. Forrester said she would consider removing the word "university" from the name of her institution in order to comply with the law. According to the laws on higher education in Bosnia and Herzegovina the terms "university", "faculty", "academy" and "university of applied sciences" can be used only by accredited educational institutions. Accreditation is independently assessed by the Agency for Development of Higher Education and Quality Assurance and formally conferred by the Ministry of Education and Science for each canton, entity or district.

Special efforts should be made to include organizations and individuals that represent disadvantaged and neglected groups. Such participation enhances the credibility of monitoring and evaluation arrangements and facilitates buy-in of evaluation lessons. Specifically, Batista et al. developed a simultaneous model of the decisions to emigrate and to complete secondary school, each decision affecting the other.

Tuition Guarantee Plan

Probably where I disagree with many of the theorists of distance education is that I see it as primarily a delivery system, not a specific pedagogy or ideology, even though it is traditionally associated with increasing access. Indeed distance education is capable of handling many different pedagogies and ideologies. In response, I would say that DE is not about any specific technology. Many technologies have been used, and on their own they do not automatically lead to distance education.


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